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App Overview
Resource Radar (Classic)
By ClickSoftware
Resource Radar uses GPS data to display the engineer locations within a specified radius. Whether a field engineer needs another pair of hands, a safety backup, or just wants to have lunch, Resource Radar minimizes the time to find the nearest peer.
This app is part of the following business packs: Collaboration
App #: 1007 | Product: ClickMobile Classic
Certified Product Version: 8.1.6, 8.1.10 | Mobile Platform: Windows | App Version: 7.0
Supported Languages: English | Published: 24 Jan 2012

The Resource Radar widget displays the locations of nearby engineers. Periodically, it refreshes the location display. The center of the display is the engineer's current location. The radius and the refresh frequency are defined by the system administrator.

In the Resource Radar display, you can perform the following operations:

  1. Click an engineer symbol. The engineer name is displayed.

  2. Select an engineer and click the balloon icon at the lower left of the widget:

    The engineer's contact details are displayed.

  3. In the contact details, click the Send Message button. Enter and send a message to the engineer.

  4. To refresh the Resource Radar display between the automatic refreshes, click the refresh icon at the lower right:

The app runs on ClickMobile Classic with the PC client.
The engineers must have ClickLocate real-time location data. For information, see the ClickLocate Configuration Guide.

Ensure the engineer time zone identifier property is configured
Additional Comments
The ClickMobile appearance is configurable. The layout might differ on your device.

In Service Optimization 8.1.7 and earlier, ClickMobile Classic was known as ClickMobile Advanced.